Let's Transform Your Business Into A Scalable Asset

Through a series of 6 meetings (via Zoom) we'll follow The Scalable Method to...
✅ Develop A Structured & Efficient Schedule For Your Day
✅ Define Optimal Roles And Responsibility (for your current and future size)
✅ Analyze Cashflow, Identify Weak Points 
✅ Uncover Pitfalls in Pricing
✅ Establish The KPIS That Matter
✅ Develop A Performance Driven Culture That Aligns With Your Long Term Goals
✅ Define, Refine & Document Your Operational Systems & Procedures
✅ Develop The Necessary 'Job Jacket' Lists Ensure Systems Are Followed.

- Corey Philip, more about me in the video on previous page.


After sign-up we'll set a weekly time to meet online.  You must be able to be on a device with a full screen.  Please gather 3 years of tax returns, and have access to your accounting software.  

Scalable Method 1-on-1: $2,000

Because this is 1-on-1, I work with no more than 10 at a time.  If you sign up today we would week of 8/31/2020.
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