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Most contractors (and their agencies) pull levers aimlessly and tread water when it comes to marketing.
We follow one clear process.
It includes: Branding, Facebook Ads, Pay-Per-click, Email Marketing, Machine Learning, Conversion Optimization, Funnel Nurturing, Branding, Search Engine Optimization (and a whole lot more).
The Market Domination Method will...

Capture leads

We'll match your target services with the right online lead generation system (Facebook Ads or Pay-Per-Click) and build out a campaign that uses machine learning to optimize for the specific conversion event.  Full reporting is provided and we manage the campaign following seasonal trend data to maximize lead flow while maintaining a relative CPL. 

Position you as a premium service provider.

Your branding dissuades low ballers, and gives customers a subconscious opinion of your business.  Depending on client needs, we'll work to develop a cohesive brand image that will be used throughout all marketing.

Drive SEO

Our process involves getting authentic content onto your website (not rehashed crap like '9 Reasons Why You Need An HVAC Tune-up) and driving interaction with real people (your leads and past customers).  When search engines observe real interaction with the pages, they go up to the top.  No smoke and mirrors, citations, or .  

Perpetuate referrals.

Referrals are the best customers.  Our system of Facebook / Instagram Nurturing ads, and email marketing keeps you top of mind with past customers long after the project is complete.  

YES, Relationship Marketing is a funnel!

Increase closing rate.

Lead 'fall off' is an expense for contractors that are actively advertising.  We implement a nurturing system that will identify your leads and put your business in front of customers (on Facebook, Instagram, and Email) minutes after they hang up the phone with you.  

Each week we'll create new authentic, content so they will come to know/like/trust you before the first appointment.  And if they don't buy on the first appointment, they won't forget who you are.

Get more conversions from your website.

We'll create an entirely new website, or refine your current website, following our Lead Machine Website Framework.

Provide Unique Follow-Up Content For Your Sales Team

Each week we take your project media and develop it into high quality content that your sales team can use for manual follow to replace the tacky follow-up calls of "have you made any decision on your project".

Developed By A Contractor
I'm Corey Philip. Co-founder (2012), and President of Gulf Coast Aluminum in SWFL. Investor in a few other contracting businesses.

My marketing & sales (and even business operations) advice has been featured on many top publications including an episode on the Perpetual Traffic Podcast (Top 5 Itunes rated) regarding how I had sold $1,900,000 using FB ads (that number is now MUCH higher).

I also write the blog and do a podcast for Contractor Momentum.

My money is where my mouth is; I use the method within my own companies.
Let's Get You More Leads & Sales!
(at higher prices)
Ready to have me and my team implement The Market Domination Method for your business just as I have done for my own businesses and for other contractors? 
It all starts with a marketing audit.  Bring all your reports, logins to your ad accounts, and notes of marketing activities, and we'll review everything in context of the MDM framework.  Whether you sign up for the MDM or not, we'll identify your 3 biggest opportunities and the biggest points of waste in your current marketing efforts.   


Item Price
The big question...
What does it cost?

...This is high level, professional marketing, operated by a contracting business owner and an in-house team.  This is not a bunch of random outsourced service providers unfamiliar with home service businesses.  

This is 100% unique and dynamic.  Each week there is tons of new content created; emails, FB/IG ads, blog content. This is not 'set it and forget it'. 

This includes: Branding, Facebook Lead Ads, Pay-Per-click, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Funnel Nurturing, Website Hosting/Security/Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization.

When you consider all the activities and consistent, new, high quality content, the costs are relatively economical.  No other service providers does as much, or at nearly a high quality level, as we do for our clients (even at multiple times the price).

The MDM typically costs $2k - 10k set-up (dependent on website / branding needs), and $2k - 3k per month for 12 months.  Ad-spend with 3rd parties is additional.  

To ensure that you see results, for 'content marketing' aspects weekly deliverables are clearly defined, and for lead generation campaigns a cost per lead threshold is guaranteed.

If you're ready to figure out where the gaps are in your current marketing efforts, what you should eliminate, and learn more about how The Market Domination Method can drive business, use the form above to schedule an audit.  
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